Osvaldo Golijov
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Youth Without Youth
Deutsche Grammophon 477 6603
Released 12-11-07

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Unless otherwise indicated, all tracks:
Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra, Radu Popa, conductor
Kalman Balogh, cimbalom
Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh
Michael Ward-Bergemann, hyper-accordion

Track 8: Nello Manzatti, Frank Fox Tanz Orchester
Track 19: Ion Vasilescu

Track 1Yo Sin Ti (Me Without You)Arturo Castro, Osvaldo Golijov, composers
Track 2Dominic's Nightmare
Track 3Love Lost: Laura 
Track 4Refugee
Track 5Time 
Track 6Dr. Rudolf's Dream
Track 7Powers 
Track 8O Alba Tigareta ParfumataVittorio Mascheroni, Giuseppe Mendes, composers
Track 9The Girl in Room 6 
Track 10Dr. Rudolf's Suicide
Track 11Laura Reborn 
Track 12Journey to India
Track 13Rupini's Cave 
Track 14Malta
Track 15Veronica's Nightmare 
Track 16Farewell
Track 17Love Lost: Veronica 
Track 18Death of the Double
Track 19Noapte Buna Mimi akaIon Vasilescu, composer
Track 20Last Walk to Café Select
Track 21The Third Rose