Osvaldo Golijov
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A Classical Questionnaire

A Classical Questionnaire
from Klassik Akzente Magazine

Do you agree with the statement "music is a sacred" art?
Yes. But sacred in the sense that it includes laughter and sex and everything under the sun and in our minds and spirits and allows us to enter a dimension of inner and communal reality that no other experience does.

If you had the choice, in which age would you like to have lived?
1959, Rio de Janeiro, with Jobim

Which composer from the past would you ask to write a piece of music for you?

Which artist from the past or the present would you like to sit for?

What was your most exciting musical encounter?
When I first met the Taraf de Haiduks with the Kronos Quartet

Which encounter do you dream about?
I dreamt many times about meeting Piazzolla (I went to several of his concerts, but never had the nerve to go up and speak to him.)

Which non-musical adventure would you like to undertake?
Go on a boat sailing all the seas

What is an ideal audience for you?
The one that participates, that communes in all senses with the performers and reaches with them a sacred silence.

Which piece of music causes you to break out in sweat?
Mahler, in general.

In your opinion, which is the most underestimated composer or piece of music?

Which comment on music do you never wish to hear again?

What is your musical credo?
Trace the map of the human soul in sounds

Which book are you reading for work and which for pleasure?
Both: a new biography of Da Ponte: "The Librettist from Venice"

With which fairytale character do you identify yourself most?
Ali Baba

Which of the four humours is closest to your character?

What would you never eat?

Could one meet you in a sports arena?
Yes, in a soccer stadium

Oscar Wilde: "The only possible way to resist a temptation is to give in to it." Do you agree?